Amaryllis ‘Merry Christmas’

I’ve discovered a new favorite variety of Amaryllis. It’s called ‘Merry Christmas’.

amaryllis 10
Amaryllis ‘Merry Christmas’

The name isn’t too original, but I love the rich red color and velvety texture of the big flowers. What I also love is that the stems are stout and only about 12″ tall, so this Amaryllis does not flop.

In the past I have grown Amaryllis that had big flowers, tall stems, and probably not enough sunlight.

amaryllis hostage
An unhappy Amaryllis from Christmas past.

This resulted in an attempt to stabilize the poor flowers with wooden skewers while they were also being strung up with chopsticks and shoe laces (I just grabbed what was handy).

Though my intentions were innocent, I faced accusations of either holding botanical hostages or engaging in unsavory practices with tropical bulbs.

Anyway, thanks to ‘Merry Christmas’, that’s all behind me now.

This year I’m also a growing a variety called ‘Christmas Star’. It blooms earlier than ‘Merry Christmas’, but I was disappointed in the flowers.

Thanks to the warm weather our Amaryllis is blooming early and we can leave it out on our unheated porch. My hope this year is to save the Amaryllis bulb for next season, which I’m embarrassed to admit I never did in the past.

I was instructed on how to do this by our friend Carol, who I recently discovered was the Amaryllis Queen of Baltimore, Maryland.

Are you growing Amaryllis this winter?


51 Comments on “Amaryllis ‘Merry Christmas’”

  1. Oh my gosh, the horrors of horticultural bondage!
    Beautiful flowers and your post is perfectly in synch with the postman. He delivered my gift to myself today and it’s filled with several amaryllis bulbs just itching to sprout. Hopefully they bloom just as nicely as yours!

  2. Your Merry Christmas is stunning, it’s flowering at just the right time! I have 2 which should be flowering by the end of the month, not by Christmas unfortunately, and 2 from last year but they flower later, it will probably be Easter before they flower again. It’s certainly worth keeping them for another year.

  3. Wonderful amaryllis, Jason. I have two of these but… they do not flower at all, only leaves grow. I think I stored them incorrectly, or I started to water them early, have no idea. I wish you store your pretty amaryllis well and have new flowers.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. That is a lovely one Jason. Yes, I am growing several this winter. ‘Tres chic’ has been flowering for a couple of weeks now and another two are in bud. I shall have to do a post on them when they open. The one I saved from last year only sent up leaves, so despite listening to everyone’s advice I must have done something wrong!

  5. Merry Christmas is a pretty thing. I do have an amaryllis growing on my kitchen table. It is one of those that have been dipped in wax. I can imagine how the bulb is suffering in there. It is an interesting sight to see this dipped bulb sending up green, the shoot and now the flower is about to open. I hope it is open for Christmas. I will try to peel off the wax and save this bulb too. We will see how all this goes. I have to turn my amaryllis every day or so toward the light to even try to keep it upright. So far so good.

  6. Cruelty to plants I call it Jason!
    My ‘amaryllis’ has two spikes with a total of eight flowers, exactly the same colour as yours – albeit they were bought originally in the flower market in Amsterdam as pink ones!
    It’s my fifth year flowering although this is the first time they will hit Christmas.
    Merry Christmas from York UK
    You can see mine on my blog!

  7. I love amaryllis but I’ve never grown one for myself. I used to grow them all the time for various clients though and always saved them from year to year by putting them out under a tree for the summer.
    That’s what breeders need to work on though; shorter, stouter stems. And while they’re at it they can do the same with peonies!

  8. Hi Jason, yes, I’m growing two amaryllis bulbs I bought from Longfield Gardens. Started them late, so they are just beginning to sprout. I was impressed with the large bulbs – like small grapefruits! I got “Amorice” (red/white) and “Evergreen” (green/white). They’ll be along after Christmas, when I need the most. We’ll see how they do!

  9. Hippeastrum, Jason, Hippeastrum! I like your red Christmas Cheer. I have a greenish white one which is quite pretty , but with a ridiculously long neck. But ‘shoe laces and skewers’ is definitely not a good look. I wondered at the time why you didn’ t simply cut the flowers and put them in a vase.
    I know how to save the plants for another year, but shamefully I have never managed to do it. I have four lined up as we speak and they clearly have no intention of ever showing their heads.

  10. I have been saving my amaryllis bulbs from year to year, but they often seem more interested in making offsets after they bloom than in storing up energy to bloom again the following year. Mine often get very tall (I think because they take longer to bloom in my cool house), but I have them planted in substantial, heavy pots and they don’t fall over. So far, I see only one flower bud beginning this year and it will be another month before I see any flowers.

  11. Hello Jason, that’s a lovely festive Amaryllis. I gave up on the one we used to have as I never managed to get the bulb to bulk up again, it would always be busy creating off-sets and hadn’t flowered in three years, I hope yours behaves after flowering and we see it again next year!

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