Lights! Camera! Goldfinch!

Judy shot this video today of a goldfinch eating seeds on the Cupplant (Silphium perfoliatum) in the front garden. Goldfinches love cupplant, and I love to watch them eat.

Though they can be messy. This one must drop at least three seeds for every one he swallows. I guess that works fine from the Cupplant’s point of view.

Do you have goldfinches in your garden? What is their favorite plant?

48 Comments on “Lights! Camera! Goldfinch!”

  1. Lovely little bird! Our goldfinches migrate through in spring and fall, and they love sunflower seeds. This year, I tried to grow some for them, but I wasn’t very successful – If ours are as messy and wasteful as yours, they’ll be on the next garden pretty quickly.

  2. I have plant goldfinch love – beetroot! Just about everyday they come to eat a bit of the beetroot green. The leaves are full of holes but I don’t mind. In my old garden their favorite food was the seed of rudbeckia triloba.

  3. We dont’ have Goldfinches in the summer. We only get them in late winter here. I didn’t know they love cup plant. I bet other finches do too. We have a lot of House Finches here in summer. So cute. I watched one bounce from one tree trunk to the other the other day. Thanks for the video.~~Dee

  4. Hello Jason, we’re struggling to attract birds into the garden at the moment, there’s not much available for them. We’ve set up feeders but they must come under stealth as although we can’t see them, I can see the food has been nibbled. I’m increasing the temptation by having a stand of sunflowers go to seed. The huge flower heads filled with juicy fat seed should attract something!

  5. I am just loaded with goldfinches out here on the prairie, much much more so than in past years. Niger seed? I used to put it out but they much prefer to browse the prairie. My situation here might be a bit unique — I am a 10 acre island in the middle of a “desert” of corn and soybeans. They also love the thistle that grows along the road and fencelines.

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