We Interrupt this Blog With a Gallbladder

Just letting folks know I should be having my gallbladder removed on Monday or Tuesday. The signs are all good that there won’t be any complications. I made a fairly dramatic entrance to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon.  This is the first I’ve looked at my laptop since then. I am looking forward to catching up with all of you in the near futurel

38 Comments on “We Interrupt this Blog With a Gallbladder”

  1. Seriously hate the ‘like’ button sometimes. I do not like what has happened of course. I have heard that can be incredibly painful. So sorry to hear the news. Best of luck and health to you.

  2. Take care! My father had his out and was back to milking cows in about two days. If you are lucky, you will have some relaxing time off from work with no pressures other than to sit in your garden and enjoy some sunshine and the birds (Pay attention here, Mother Nature! Gardener needs your help!) Get well soon, Jason!

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