Spring is Sprung

This past weekend was the first to really feel like spring. Saturday started cold and cloudy, but improved when the sun came out. And Sunday was even – dare I say it? – nice.


The snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis and G. elwesii) are blooming and it was warm enough for them to open up their little white tepals.

2014-03-30 17.43.36 snowdrops

They are forming a nice drift near the old silver maple (Acer saccharum) stump.

Bee with Snowdrops
Bee with snowdrops. If you look closely you can see one of the antennae against the white tepal.

The bees were all over the snowdrop blooms, in fact I have never seen so many bees on the snowdrops. Poor little guys, there is hardly anything else to forage on in this late, cold spring.

Bee climbing inside a snowdrop.
Bee climbing inside a snowdrop.

Judy had a hard time getting pictures of the bees because they were mostly up in the flowers themselves.

Daffodils, emerging rather pale.
Daffodils, emerging rather pale.

Other bulbs are also emerging. You can see daffodil leaves poking through the soil, looking a bit jaundiced from being covered with snow until recently.

Tulips emerging from a container.
Tulips emerging from a container.

Early tulip foliage is also up, both in my containers and in the beds.

Tulip container excavation.
Tulip container excavation.

I actually dug up five of the ten containers planted with tulips (cracking one of the fiberglass ones in the process). I’ll get the rest next weekend.

The driveway border after spring cleaning.
The driveway border after spring cleaning.

Spring clean up got off to a good start. I had hoped to clear the parkway, driveway border, sidewalk border, and island bed Β in the front garden. It all got done except for the island bed, which I wasn’t able to finish.


'Northwind' switchgrass, still standing.
‘Northwind’ switchgrass, still standing.

The ‘Northwind’ switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) managed to stay mostly upright through this horrible winter. It looks so good now, burnished with tones of red, that I had to leave it up for another week or two. Please ignore the sight of me standing on the porch with my shirttail out. Judy says that was an accident. Uh huh.

Did you get to spend some quality time with your garden this weekend?

35 Comments on “Spring is Sprung”

  1. It’s a good feeling to get outdoors – so glad your spring has finally arrived. I spent a few hours weeding, but it has been very dry so there aren’t many weeds and I was able to inspect what is coming up and look for some old favourites…. πŸ˜€

  2. Isn’t it great to finally get outside and do some tidying? Those first few days of warmth are always the best – especially as the weeds haven’t got into their stride yet so there is no sense of urgency. It is always good to see where you have been – and encouraging to see a grass which can withstand the worst of the weather.

  3. I love the photo of you with your shirt-tail out. You seem to be looking up at the sun with a quite satisfied expression on your whole body. It feels so good to get all that clean-up done. I’m glad spring seems to have sprung for you. I did get quite a lot of work done this past weekend, it was dryish here on Sunday (just a few passing sprinkles).

  4. Yes, it was a beautiful weekend! Actually, yesterday (Monday) was incredible–65F here in Madison. It was so tempting to spend the day outside, but I couldn’t afford it because of pending assignments. I had to settle for working in the sunroom with the windows open (world’s smallest violin, right?). Anyway, Jason, we’ve been through one of the worst winters I can remember. And I used to live up near Green Bay. So we deserve a beautiful spring, right? πŸ˜‰ You have an amazing collection of Snowdrops! I think the chipmunks (or some other critter) dug up all of mine. Oh well, soon the Daffodils and Hellebores will be blooming. Oh joy!

  5. You have quite a lot of snowdrops and they must cheer you a big time, Jason. Why do you bury the containers? Is it because of the cold? Our garden is beautiful right now so I spend as much time in it as I can…lots of mowing has to be done πŸ˜‰

  6. Your poor bees, the must be desperate to find food after such a dismal winter. How lovely to see your snowdrops though and hear your other bulbs have survived the frozen ground…here’s to you getting cracking now and everything developing a little greenery.xxx

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