Snow and Sun

And now for something completely different: on Saturday it snowed. It was just an inch or two of light, fluffy snow. Then on Sunday we had an odd meteorological phenomenon – I forget what it’s called – in which bright light seemed to emanate from an object high up in the sky. Now I remember what it’s called – sunshine!

2014-02-09 12.19.36 anise hyssop in winter

This event inspired Judy to grab her camera and see what things looked like under these unusual conditions. Here’s an anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) seed head wearing a thin layer of snow. If you look closely you can just sort of see the individual flakes of snow at the top of the layer.

2014-02-09 12.21.57 sedum in winter

This Sedum spectabile ‘Matronna’ seems to be trying valiantly to keep its head above water. Bits of snow glitter in the light.

2014-02-09 12.22.40 agastache in snow

Here’s some more anise hyssop. This plant can be kind of interesting in a winter landscape.

2014-02-09 12.23.08 snow on maple

I like how the fresh snow seems to be reclining on the dark branches of this (mostly dead) maple tree, as if it were taking a rest.

2014-02-09 12.23.48 icicles

Icicles grow best in full sun, though they will tolerate part shade. This is actually the neighbors’ house.

How is the sun shining where you are?

42 Comments on “Snow and Sun”

  1. Today was a brilliant day. Enough so that I had to get the sunglasses out to be comfortable while driving. I want more of it to melt this miserable snow. I want to see if my snowdrops are actually up. I want to see when and where the daffodils are poking up. Enough snow already. And we haven’t had near as much snow as you have. :/

  2. I am a bit confused — it’s still Feb 11, only 8:41 pm. How does your blog show that you wrote it on Feb 12 :-)? Nice pictures. Same situation here with more snow and solid ice just like Antarctica. That light is up there in the sky but it can’t do much work, it seems, against all these snow and ice.

  3. Judy’s pictures are gorgeous but I’m still unclear about this weather phenomenon you’re talking about. I remember something like that from summer many months ago but being in the middle of the Pacific Northwest Rain Festival (October 1 – July 5 annually) I haven’t observed such a thing recently. Hope you’re keeping warm!

  4. Sun here too! I think it has been a great winter for the sunshine here though. I found out (news report) Buffalo is the second snowiest city with 94.4″ this year behind Erie, PA with 107.5″. I thought Chicago would have been on the top 5 list after seeing all your snow and hearing news reports on your area, but it did not make the top 5.

      • You most likely wouldn’t. Dealing with snow here is pretty common and routine, but in so many places this year it is not the case. Poor Southern states. Buffalo is always the but of snow jokes, but honestly there is many places here that celebrate it and look great covered in white. I have been enjoying seeing Chicago in the white stuff on the news, so was surprised you did not have as much as here. Syracuse usually gets a bit more than us and is only at 81″ as of a few days ago.

  5. Great photos, Jason! Yes, I guess we should be thankful that we at least have sunshine in the midst of all this snow and cold. I haven’t ventured out to take pictures, though; keeping the bird feeders filled is hard enough in the cold temps. I’ve also found that icicles do grow best in sun, but they’re not too picky about conditions:)

  6. Terrific photos! My compliments to Judy. 🙂 The lack of clear sunshine in winter was the one thing that was so hard for me the six or seven years we lived in Chicago. Coming from the South, where the winter skies are clear most of the time, the eternal gray-ness was harder to come to terms with than the deep cold or the quantities of snow (I remember the first time I had to get up and drive to work in the snow…a great story for another time).

    Today as I look out the window the skies are bright but gray, but I don’t mind the change of pace. We expect more snow and ice today. We had 4.5 inches of snow as of 6 p.m. yesterday; I haven’t taken a measurement since, but perhaps a quarter inch of ice coats the limbs of the Japanese maple outside my window.

    My husband had to ditch his car on the commute home yesterday afternoon and walk the last mile and a half home. He’s just phoned to say he’s gotten the car two blocks from the house, but it’s solid ice now and he needs some help. Time to suit up! Stay warm and safe, and enjoy the sunshine.

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