What The Heck Is This?

I noticed several of these enormous caterpillars on my Starflowers (Pentas lanceolata) this morning.

Caterpillar on Pentas
Mystery caterpillar.

Enormous and, I might add, really ugly. Note that the head and the butt (do caterpillars have a butt?) are kind of brown and slimy looking, as if it were pooping at both ends.

Apparently Pentas are a host plant for the Tersa sphinx moth, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what this is. ย Can anybody ID this critter?

32 Comments on “What The Heck Is This?”

  1. I think it’s a white lined sphinx caterpillar. They can be very variable from green to brown, and that really looks like what I’ve seen pictures of when I was working on my post about the moths. There’s been a lot of white lined sphinx moths in our area, so that’s my guess.They aren’t supposed to be damaging like tomato hornworms, they just look a bit ugly.

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