Garfield Park Conservatory Part II: Blooms for GBBD

Well, our blooms this March 15th are limited to snowdrops (Galanthus). I’ve already posted pictures of those. So this seems a good opportunity to post some more pictures from our visit to the Garfield Park Conservatory.

For starters, there was a “Spring Flower Show”, which consisted of a bunch of blooming azaleas in containers. Nice, but not too exciting.


There was a compact hybrid Bougainvillea.


In the Aroid House we saw a Flamingo Flower (Anthurium) cultivar  in bloom. Someone should tell this plant that it is not polite to point with your spadix.

Flamingo Flower

There was Crown of Thorns (Euphorbium milii), which is aptly named, in the Desert House. What if William Jennings Bryan had said in his famous speech, “You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this Euphorbium milii …”?

Crown of Thorns

Loved this Popcorn Orchid (Oncidium).

Popcorn Orchid

This is called Hanging Lobster Claw (Heliconia rostrata), which is truly a great name for a flower.

Lobster Claw Plant

There was also Yellow Walking Iris (Trimezia martinicensis), also a pretty good name.

Yellow Walking Iris

Love the flower of this Red Torch Banana (Musa coccinea).

Red Torch  Banana

Finally, Flaming Sword Plant (Vrisea splendens), an apt name for a truly dramatic plant.

Flaming Sword Plant

All in all, a fine variety of flowers to enjoy on a cold March day in Chicago. For more blooms, check out MayDreamsGardens, which hosts Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

31 Comments on “Garfield Park Conservatory Part II: Blooms for GBBD”

  1. Such unique species! Ok…I am so embarrassed to say that I have lived in the suburbs of Chicago my whole life but have yet to make it to the Garfield Park Conservatory! It is on my list of places to go in the city! What outstanding blooms!!! Aren’t you getting antsy? This winter seems a bit longer this year!!!

    • I didn’t realize you lived in the Chicago area. For some reason I assumed that you lived in California. But you should definitely go – it’s a great place for young kids, they have fun activities. Just make sure you get there before it is closed for repairs, which will be some time in April.

  2. Since there is nothing even approaching a conservatory up here, or flowers in a glass house for that matter…I am totally excited to see any flower. Even a azalea in a pot.


  3. The Garfield Park Conservatory has some great specimen plants…I really enjoyed the photos. I have alwasy imagined that when I retire I will build onto the house a conservatory and that on winter days before spring arrived I would spend my time there drinking hot tea and just enjoying.

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