Challah with Figs

I love figs, in fact one of the holiday season gifts I get every year is a string of dried figs. I also love challah. For those of you who don’t know, challah is an egg bread that is often slightly sweet.

So it was very nice of Judy to use a recipe she found on line to bake a challah that has a filling of dried figs and orange zest swirled throughout. Delicious! I confess I may have eaten more than my share.

Fresh from the oven

If you’d like to try making this yourself, the fig challah recipe is here.

18 Comments on “Challah with Figs”

  1. This looks absolutely wonderful – what a pity we can’t all share it as easily as your post! I love figs too – I have about twenty on my tree, but sadly it was too cold for most of the summer for them to ever ripen, as my tree is not yet fully mature. But I can dream…. Happy autumn gardening – your plantings are looking as super as your baking! Ursula

  2. Oh, my gosh – that looks fabulous! I love figs, too, fresh or dried, and I love challah. I’ve never attempted to make it, though…not very talented in the baking department. But that recipe you linked to has great step-by-step pictures, so might have to give it a try! Thanks!

  3. Although I thought the recipe looked a little complicated (Jason linked to it, it’s from Smitten Kitchen, a really great cooking blog), the challah was actually pretty easy to make. Jason asked today if I could make it with apricots, which would be quite easy to substitute; I’m thinking it would be great with prunes also.

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