Spring Stirrings

The snowdrops are blooming. Hooray! This is something of a relief. Many of them emerged from the ground during those mild January days we had, and I was afraid they’d get blasted by a hard freeze. But it appears that snowdrops, as the name implies, are hardy beasts.

The crocuses (croci?) are always up. In some places, like in the front parkway, it’s just the leaves. However, in the backyard many of the crocus tommasinianus have purple flower buds that looks like they will open with the next mild spell. In the same bed, there are the remains of crocus chrysanthus whose flower buds have been bitten off and some of the leaves chewed down close to the ground. Damn your spotted souls to hell, cursed rabbits! I guess this is good news in that it seems to back up the claim that critters leave the crocus tommasinianus alone.

Crocus tomassinianus

Other bulbs are also showing signs of life. If you look closely you can see the daffodil and species tulip leaves poking up from among the dead leaves and mulch. Oh, and I say a grackel yesterday (not that grackels are cause for celebration, but still) and the first redwinged blackbird today.














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